Lived under Arab rule from 711 to 1250, the Algarve, the southern region of Portugal, retains a Moorish charm in its architecture and local cuisine. Wild and rocky in the west, sandy and gentle in the east, the Algarve has everything that makes holidays special. And if we add the mild and temperate climate throughout the year, we understand a local saying that goes: "summer comes to spend the winter in the Algarve".
It may be for the scenic beaches that attract travelers from all over the world or for the genuine and delicious cuisine... but one thing is certain: the Algarve is a region full of surprises!
Along its 150 km of coastline overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the jagged reddish cliffs as well as the evocative golden sand beaches offer unique postcard views, with a very strong landscape impact and certainly difficult to forget.
No one is disappointed even in terms of leisure and entertainment: Albufeira, Lagos and Praia Da Rocha are full of bars and clubs for all ages and tastes.The Algarve is also perfect for families: the wildest beaches, reachable only via paths, steps or by sea, are alternated with large and very long sandy stretches that are easy to swim in and be enjoyed even by the little ones. It is an excellent land for hikers and sportsmen, who will be able to undertake trekking paths in the wild nature, such as the “Percurso dos sete vales suspendis” or ride the perfect waves on a surfboard at Praia Carrapateira or Arrifana, dream hotspots for surfers from all over Europe.

Albufeira, one of the most popular seaside resorts in the Algarve for entertainment and unconventionality, owes its fame to the beautiful beaches and numerous clubs and discos.
It is worth getting to know this city of white houses better. Founded by the Arabs, it retains its narrow and sinuous streets, to be discovered while walking during the day or even in the evening.
It was the beaches, however, that gave Albufeira international fame: each one has its own peculiar characteristics. Starting from the west, there is Praia dos Salgados with white sand dunes. Then there are the beaches framed by rocks sculpted by erosion such as those of Galé, Castelo, São Rafael or Arrifes.
Located on the estuary of the Arade River, Portimão is famous for its beautiful beaches, with large beaches and calm, warm seas, which make it an attractive holiday destination.
Portimão, which boasts a long fishing tradition, developed particularly between the 19th and 20th centuries, with the advent of the canning industry and tourism.
Near the sea, near the wholesale fish market, there are most of the restaurants, where you can taste sardinha assada (grilled sardine), the main dish of the local gastronomy. Although it is eaten throughout the region, the one served in Portimão is particularly renowned, and a festival dedicated to the sardine also takes place in August.
About three kilometers from the centre, Praia da Rocha is perhaps the most famous beach in the Algarve, the image of the enormous beach often appears on tourist posters spread around the world. A seaside resort frequented since the beginning of the twentieth century, it has a casino and offers the possibility of numerous leisure activities.

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