A sea of colors so intense and wonderful that it captures the traveler on a great adventure. This is Tunisia. Viva. Fascinating. Unique. An experience that leads to incredible landscapes, through the sweet scent of jasmine.
Characterized by history, cities full of bustle, markets, crafts, beaches, a vast desert and friendly inhabitants who will be happy to help you at all times, Tunisia is a pearl located on the shores of the Mediterranean that shines with its own light. The fiery Sahara desert, which occupies around 40% of its territory, contrasts with warm and very fertile lands. The warm and transparent sea of ??the Gulf of Gabès is counterbalanced by the Atlas and Ksour mountains and the small oases among the dunes. From the pleasant sea breezes you easily transition to the torrid Ghibli wind. Tunisia is everything and the opposite of everything, in a spectacular whole. Its capital, which was baptized with the same name as the country, is a clear example of an Arab city. Over 4,000 years old, the city of Tunis is a beautiful labyrinth of architectural jewels. The most impressive thing? Its medina, considered the most beautiful medina in the Maghreb countries. The bazaars are full of sweets, slippers, traditional handicrafts, teapots, typical clothing, teas, infusions... Although after walking for hours in the lively capital you are likely to want to stay there forever, Tunisia also has many other treasures to boast about: cities such as Sousse, Djerba, Mahdia, Hammamet and Monastir draw a map full of contrasts of a country that combines colorful landscapes.

A holiday in Hammamet is a trip to the main tourist destination in Tunisia, and with its quiet and pleasant atmosphere at the same time, it is the ideal destination for couples and families who want to enjoy a holiday of sun, sea and relaxation.
Hammamet is located in the gulf of Cap Bon, an area of ??lush nature where the cultivation of citrus fruits reigns supreme. Its name derives from the word Hammam, which are the thermal complexes where the Muslim population, in addition to carrying out spiritual purification, also uses as a meeting place.
Tourists from all over the world choose Hammamet as a holiday destination, because it is the Tunisian city with the most international soul; able to offer its guests the best-stocked and most modern hotel systems and facilities. Swimming pools, whirlpools, sports facilities, bars, restaurants; a holiday with all the comforts where the three watchwords will be: "Sun, Sea and Relax".

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