Tunisia is sun, beach, hot weather and kindness. But it is also desert, adventure, exoticism and cultural wealth.
Welcome to the paradise at the doors of the Sahara.

Renamed by the Americans "Atlantic Hawaii", the Canary Islands, a volcanic archipelago located south of the Iberian Peninsula and on the side of the African continent, offer a wide variety of beaches in which to sunbathe, practice water sports and discover a surprising nature.

A few hours' flight from Europe, the Red Sea is the perfect destination for a heavenly stay: diving, sun, sea, ancient history and fun. The clear blue sea, the golden beaches, the optimal climate and the magical desert make the Red Sea the ideal holiday destination for every traveler.
And for the mediterranean lovers? Borg El Arab, the paradise on earth!

With a culture and traditions very different from its neighbour Europe, MOROCCO is suitable for any traveler who wants to enjoy an exotic destination without straying far from the European continent.

Wonderful landscapes, crystal clear sea, a millenary culture and an inviting cuisine: everything enclosed in more than 6000 islands, where break up
pampered by the unmistakable Greek hospitality.

Sun, sea and nightlife are the entrance ticket to the Balearic Islands,
the archipelago that rises in the center of the Mediterranean Sea offshore
of the Spanish coast.
With beaches and coves of fine sand, blue and clear waters, an
enthralling nightlife and an exceptional climate, the Balearic Islands
promise a complete vacation under every aspect.

In a rare fusion of natural beauty and historical riches, Cancun and the Riviera Maya are the perfect place for anyone who wishes discover the generous heritage of this country or relax in heavenly locations.