Terms & Conditions

In addition to the general conditions that follow, the description of the tourist package contained in the catalog (online or paper), or in the separate program of trip, as well as the booking confirmation that is sent by the Organizer to the traveller. Signing the tourist package sale proposal, the Traveler acknowledges that he/she has read and accepted, for himself and for the people indicated in the contract, both the tourist package contract, as regulated therein, and the warnings and conditions contained therein, and these general conditions.

The sale of tourist packages and related tourist services is governed by the Tourism Code (articles 32-51 – novies) as amended by Legislative Decree 62/2018 which implements EU Directive 2015/2302 and its subsequent amendments and the provisions of the civil code regarding transport and mandate, as applicable.

The Organizer and the Seller of the tourist package must be authorized to carry out their respective activities based on current legislation, including regional legislation and operate as provided therein.
The Organizer and the Seller established on Italian territory must be covered by a civil liability insurance contract in favor of the traveler for compensation of damages resulting from the violation of the respective obligations assumed with the respective contracts.
The organization contracts of tourist package are supported by insurance policies, bank guarantees or funds which, in cases of insolvency or bankruptcy of the Organizer or Seller guarantee, without delay upon request of the traveller, the reimbursement of the price paid for the purchase of the package and the immediate return of the traveler in case the package includes the transport of the traveller, as well as, if necessary, the payment of food and accommodation before return. 

For the purposes of this contract we refer to:
a) “traveller”: anyone who intends to conclude a contract, enters into a contract or is authorized to travel on the basis of a package travel contract or a related travel service;
b) “professional”: any public or private natural or legal person who, in the context of his commercial, industrial, artisanal or professional activity, acts in tourist package or tourist service contracts
connected, also through another person who operates in his name or on his behalf, as Organizer, Seller, professional who facilitates related tourist services or supplier of tourist services, pursuant to current legislation;
c) “Organizer”: the professional who combines packages and sells them or offers them for sale directly or through or together with another professional, or the professional who transmits the data relating to the traveler to another professional pursuant to letter c), number 2.4) of the art. 33 of the tourism code;
d) “Seller”: the professional other than the Organizer who sells or offers for sale packages combined by an Organizer;
e) “establishment”: as defined by article 8, paragraph 1, letter e), of legislative decree 26 March 2010, n. 59;
f) "durable medium": any tool that allows the traveler or professional to store information addressed to him personally in order to be able to access it in the future for a period of time adequate for the purposes for which it is intended and which allows the identical reproduction of the stored information ;
g) “unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances”: a situation beyond the control of the party invoking such situation and the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken;
h) "defect of conformity": the failure to perform the tourist services included in a package;
i) “minor”: person under 18 years of age;
l) “return”: the return of the traveler to the place of departure or to another place agreed between the contracting parties.

4.1. “Tourist package” means the combination of at least two different types of tourist services (i.e.: 1. the transport of passengers; 2. accommodation which does not constitute an integral part of the transport of passengers and is not intended for residential purposes or for courses long-term language; 3. the rental of cars, other vehicles or motorbikes and which require a driving licence category A; 4. any other tourist service that does not constitute an integral part of one of the tourist services referred to in numbers 1), 2) or 3), and is not a financial or insurance service, nor qualifiable as a "supplementary tourist service") for the purposes of the same trip or the same holiday, if at least one of the following conditions occurs: 1) these services are combined by a single professional, also at the request of the traveler or in accordance with his selection, before a single contract for all services; 2) these services, even if concluded with separate contracts with individual tourism service providers, are: 2.1) purchased at a single point of sale and selected before the traveler agrees to payment; 2.2) offered, sold or invoiced at a flat or global price; 2.3) advertised or sold under the name “package” or similar name; 2.4) combined after the conclusion of a contract with which the professional allows the traveler to choose between a selection of different types of tourist services, or purchased from separate professionals through linked electronic booking processes where the name of the traveler, the payment details and the e-mail address are transmitted by the professional with whom the first contract is concluded to one or more professionals and the contract with the latter or these latter professionals is concluded no later than 24 hours after confirmation of the booking of the first tourist service; 4.2. "Linked tourist service" means at least two different types of tourist services purchased for the purpose of the same trip or the same holiday, which do not constitute a package, and which involve the conclusion of separate contracts with individual tourist service providers, if a professional facilitates, alternatively: 1) at the time of a single visit or a single contact with your point of sale, the separate selection and separate payment of each tourist service by travellers; 2) the targeted purchase of at least one additional tourist service from another professional when this purchase is concluded within 24 hours of confirmation of the booking of the first tourist service.

5.1. Before the conclusion of the tourist package contract or a corresponding offer, the Organizer and the Seller provide the traveler with the relevant "standard information form" and communicate to the traveler the following information: a) the main characteristics of the tourist services, such as: 1 ) the destination or destinations of the trip, the itinerary and periods of stay with relative dates and, if accommodation is included, the number of nights included; 2) the means, characteristics and categories of transport, places, dates and times of departure and return, duration and location of intermediate stops and connections; in the event that the exact time is not yet established, the Organizer and, if applicable, the Seller, inform the traveler of the approximate departure and return time; 3) the location, the main characteristics and, where applicable, the tourist category of the accommodation pursuant to the regulations of the destination country; 4) meals provided; 5) visits, excursions or other services included in the total agreed price of the package; 6) the tourist services provided to the traveler as a member of a group and, if so, the approximate size of the group; 7) the language in which the services are provided; 8) whether the trip or holiday is suitable for people with reduced mobility and, upon request of the traveller, precise information on the suitability of the trip or holiday which takes into account the traveller's needs; b) the commercial name and geographical address of the Organizer and the Seller, their telephone numbers and email addresses; c) the total price of the package including taxes and all duties, taxes and other additional costs, including any administrative and processing costs, or, where these cannot reasonably be calculated before the conclusion of the contract, an indication of the type of additional costs that the traveler may still have to bear; d) the payment methods, including the possible amount or percentage of the price to be paid as a deposit and the calendar for payment of the balance, or the financial guarantees that the traveler is required to pay or provide; e) the minimum number of people required for the package and the deadline referred to in art.41, paragraph 5, letter a), before the start of the package for the possible termination of the contract in the event of failure to reach the number; f) general information regarding passport and visa conditions, including approximate times for obtaining visas and health formalities of the country of destination; g) information on the traveler's right to withdraw from the contract at any time before the start of the package upon payment of adequate withdrawal costs, or, if applicable, the standard withdrawal costs requested by the Organizer; h) information on the optional or mandatory subscription of insurance that covers the costs of unilateral withdrawal from the contract by the traveler or the costs of assistance, including return, in the event of accident, illness or death; i) the details of the protection coverage in the event of insolvency or bankruptcy as well as the insurance contract for civil liability in favor of the traveler l) information on the identity of the operating air carrier, if not known at the time of booking, pursuant to art. 11 EC Reg. 2111/05 (Art. 11, paragraph 2 of EC Regulation 2111/05: “If the identity of the actual air carrier or air carriers is not yet known at the time of booking, the air transport contractor shall ensure that the passenger is informed of the name of the air carrier or carriers that will act as the actual air carrier for the flight or flights concerned. In this case, the air transport contractor will ensure that the passenger is informed of the identity of the non-actual air carrier or carriers. as soon as their identity has been ascertained and their possible operational ban in the European Union".
5.2. For tourist package contracts stipulated by telephone, the Organizer or professional provides the traveler with the information required by the "standard information form" referred to in Annex A, part II, of the Tourism Code. 5.3. In consideration of the long advance with which the catalogs containing the information relating to the methods of use of the services are published, it is specified that the times and flight routes indicated in the acceptance of the proposal for the purchase and sale of the services may undergo variations as they are subject to subsequent validation; the definitive flight times will be communicated up to one day before departure. It should be noted that packages with charter flights are not, by definition, subject to systematic time scheduling. Therefore, connections with approach flights or with other approach or return transport services to other destinations other than the place of departure or return envisaged in the package are not guaranteed. 5.4 As required by Regulation 6.2 EC 2027/97, ??upon request of passengers, information will be provided on the provisions regarding the liability of the community air carrier for damages resulting from death, wounds and personal injuries, on insurance coverage obligations, as well as information on the timing of advance payments of payment to the natural person entitled to compensation.

6.1. At the time of conclusion of the tourist package contract or, in any case, as soon as possible, the Organizer or the Seller provides the traveler with a copy or confirmation of the contract on a durable medium. 6.2 The traveler has the right to a paper copy if the tourist package contract was stipulated in the simultaneous physical presence of the parties. 6.3. As regards contracts negotiated away from commercial premises, defined in article 45, paragraph 1, letter h), of legislative decree 6 September 2005, n. 206, a copy or confirmation of the tourist package contract is provided to the traveler on paper or, if the traveler consents, on another durable medium. 6.4. The tourist package contract is intended finalized only when the Organizer sends confirmation, also via electronic system, to the traveler or to the Seller. 6.5 The traveler must communicate to the Seller, before booking, any specific requests, reported in writing in the contract and accepted, only if possible, by the Organizer. 6.6.Travel documents (e.g. vouchers) will be delivered to the traveler around 5 days before departure and the traveler must keep them and carry them with him during the trip, in order to use the regularly booked services, together with any other documents (e.g. airline tickets) delivered by the Organizer/Seller. The traveler is required to verify the correctness of the data reported on the aforementioned documents and in the travel contract and to immediately communicate any errors to the Organizer/Seller. The traveler must communicate to the Organizer/Seller the participants' data exactly as reported on the personal identity documents. 6.7. Any excursions, services or services purchased and paid for by travelers at their destination are extraneous to this contract. Therefore no responsibility in this regard can be attributed
to the Organizer or the Seller, not even in the event that, as a courtesy, resident staff, companions, guides or local correspondents can take care of their booking.

7.1. Upon signing the contract, the following must be paid: a) booking management fee (see art. 8); b) amount indicated by the Organizer or the Seller as deposit. In the event that departure is scheduled for more than 30 days, traveler will have the right to pay only a deposit, equal to at least 25% of the price of the tourist package, unless a greater request is made by the Organizer, and to carry out, within 30 calendar days before departure, the balance. During the period of validity of the offer to purchase the package and/or the tourist services indicated and therefore before any booking confirmation which constitutes completion of the contract, the effects referred to in art. 1385 of the civil code. are not produced. The balance must be paid without delay within the deadline established by the Organizer/Seller in the booking confirmation; 7.2. Failure to pay the above sums on the established dates, as well as failure to remit to the Organizer the sums paid by the traveler to the Seller, will result in the automatic termination of the contract, to be implemented with simple written communication, via fax or e-mail, to the Seller, or to the traveller's domicile, including electronic domicile, where communicated. The balance of the price is considered to have occurred when the sums reach the Organizer directly from the traveler or through the Seller.

8.1 The price of the tourist package is determined in the contract, with reference to what is indicated in the catalog or on the Organizer's website, or non-catalogue/tailor-made program and to any updates to the same catalogs or non-catalog programs that subsequently occur, or to the Operator's website. Price may be varied by the Organizer if foreseen in the conditions of the same, increasing and/or decreasing, only as a consequence of variations in: – price of passenger transport based on the
cost of fuel or other energy sources; –  taxes on tourist services included in the contract imposed by third parties not directly involved in the execution of the package, including landing, disembarkation or embarkation taxes in ports and airports; – exchange rates relevant to the package. A price increase is possible only after communication on a durable medium by the Organizer to the traveler together with the justification for this increas, at least 20 days before the start of the package. If the price increase exceeds 8% of the overall price of the package, the following point 9.2 applies. In the event of a decrease in the price, the Organizer has the right to deduct administrative and processing costs from the reimbursement due to the traveler, of which he is required to provide proof upon request of the traveler. 8.2. The price is made up of: a) participation fee which includes: the insurance policy, the cost of any visas and entry taxes (if payable through Azurway Travel S.r.l.s.), the airport taxes depending on the departure and arrival airport , the Carbon Tax; c) other services requested.

9.1. Before the start of the trip, the Organizer may unilaterally change the conditions of the contract other than the price, provided that they are changes of little importance, communicating them to the traveler on a durable medium, also through the Seller. 9.2. If, before the start of the package, the Organizer is forced to significantly modify one or more main characteristics of the tourist services or cannot satisfy the specific requests previously accepted and expressly reported in the contract or proposes to increase the price of the package by more than 8% the traveler, within a reasonable period specified by the Organizer, can accept the proposed modification or withdraw from the contract without paying withdrawal costs. In the event of withdrawal, the Organizer may offer the traveler a replacement package of equivalent or higher quality. The change notice informs the traveler of the changes nature, their impact on the price of the package, the deadline within which the traveler is required to inform the Organizer of his decision and the consequences of the traveler's failure to respond within the aforementioned period as well as any replacement package offered and its price . 9.3. If the changes to the package travel contract or the replacement package result in a package of lower quality or cost, the traveler is entitled to an appropriate price reduction. 9.4. In case of withdrawal from the tourist package contract pursuant to the previous paragraph, if the traveler does not accept a replacement package, the Organizer refunds without unjustified delay and in any case within fourteen days of withdrawal from the contract all payments made by or on behalf of the traveler and the provisions of article 43 apply, paragraphs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 tourism code. 9.5. The Organizer may withdraw from the tourist package contract and offer the traveler a full refund of the payments made for the package, but is not required to pay additional compensation if: a) the number of travelers registered for the package is lower than the minimum required by the contract and the Organizer communicates the withdrawal from the contract to the traveler within the deadline set in the contract and in any case no later than 20 days before the start of the package in the case of trips lasting more than 6 days, 7 days before the start of the package in the case of trips lasting between 2 and 6 days, 48 hours before the start of the package in the case of trips lasting less than 2 days; b) the Organizer is unable to perform the contract due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances and communicates the withdrawal from the same to the traveler without unjustified delay before the start of the package.

10.1. Traveler may withdraw from the contract at any time before the start of the package upon payment of the cancellation penalties established by the Organizer (see point 10.5), which depend on the chosen destination and the moment in which the traveler withdraws from the departure date. 10.2. Traveler can purchase insurance policies to cover the aforementioned costs of unilateral withdrawal by the traveler: depending on the package chosen, the Organizer informs the traveler about the optional or mandatory subscription of such insurance. 10.3. The withdrawal costs are not due in the cases provided for in the previous article 9 point 2. In the event of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances occurring at destination or in its immediate vicinity and which have a substantial impact on the execution of the package or on the transportation of passengers to the destination, the traveler has the right to withdraw from the contract, before the start of the package, without paying withdrawal costs, and to a full refund of payments done, but is not entitled to additional compensation. 10.4 Standard withdrawal costs: for travel packages organized by Azurway Travel S.r.l.s. the traveler who withdraws from the contract before departure, outside of the hypotheses of article 9 point 2, will be charged the following penalties, regardless of the deposit paid: 
25% up to 31 days before the departure date (or, if higher, the amount requested at the time of booking);
50% from 30 to 18 days before the departure date;
75% from 17 to 10 days before the departure date of departure;
100% from 09 to 00 days.
The aforementioned penalties apply to tourist packages with chartered flights or special ITC fares, to tourist packages with other means of transport and to "stay-only" services. For packages with scheduled flights or low cost flights, the penalties relating to the other services remain the same while for the cost of the flight, the carrier's penalties and the related tariff rules apply.

11.1. If, due to circumstances not attributable to the Organizer, it is impossible to provide, during the execution of the contract, a substantial part, in terms of value or quality, of the combination of tourist services agreed in the tourist package contract, the Organizer offers, without price supplement to be paid by the traveler, adequate alternative solutions of quality, where possible, equivalent or higher, than those specified in the contract, so that the execution of the package can continue, including the eventuality that the traveler's return to the place of departure is not is provided as agreed. If the alternative solutions proposed determine a package of lower quality than that specified in the tourist package contract, the Organizer grants the traveler an adequate price reduction. 11.2. Traveler can reject the alternative solutions proposed only if they are not comparable to what was agreed in the tourist package contract or if the price reduction granted is inadequate. 11.3. If it is impossible to arrange alternative solutions or the traveler rejects the proposed alternative solutions, compliant with what is indicated in point 1, the traveler will be granted a price reduction. In case of failure to fulfill the obligation to offer, point 15.5 applies. 11.4. Where, due to supervening circumstances not attributable to the Organizer, it is impossible to ensure the return of the traveler as agreed in the tourist package contract, points 15.6 and 15.7 apply.

12.1. Traveler can have another person replacing him/herself, provided that: a) the Organizer is informed no later than seven days before the start of the package; b) the person to whom it intends to transfer the contract satisfies all the conditions for using the service and in particular the requirements relating to passport, visas and health certificates; c) the same services or other replacement services can be provided following the replacement; d) all expenses related to this change are paid to the Organizer (including a fixed change fee of €26 per person) . The substitution costs could also include, for example, the purchase of new transport tickets at the rate available and in force at the time of the transfer request; it should be noted that ticketing costs are subject to continuous changes and price fluctuations and depend on the booking class, flight seat availability, fare type, flight class, issue date and flight date. 12.2. The transferor and transferee of the tourist package contract are jointly responsible for the payment of the balance of the price and any rights, taxes and other additional costs, including any administrative and processing costs, resulting from such transfer. 12.3. In application of the art. 944 of the Navigation Code, the replacement will be possible only with the consent of the carrier.
12.4 If the traveler requests the change of an element and/or tourist service of an already confirmed booking and provided that the request does not constitute a contractual novation and provided that its implementation is possible, he/she will have to pay the Organizer the administrative and management costs of the booking and the costs resulting from the modification itself (in the event that airline tickets need to be reissued, the transfer will involve the application of the air fare available on that date).

13.1. During the negotiations and in any case before the conclusion of the contract, travelers are provided with general information concerning the conditions regarding passports and visas, including the approximate times for obtaining the visas and health formalities of the destination country. 13.2. For the rules relating to the expatriation of minors, please refer expressly to what is indicated on the State Police website; However, it is specified that minors must be in possession of an individual document valid to travel abroad (passport, or for EU countries, identity card valid to travel abroad with indication of the names of the parents). Minors under the age of 14 and minors for whom authorization issued by the Judicial Authority is required must follow the requirements indicated on the State Police website. 13.3. Foreign citizens must be in possession of an individual passport and possible entry visa and will be able to find the necessary and updated information through their diplomatic representations present in the origin country and/or the respective official government information channels. 13.4 Travelers will, before departure, check with the competent authorities that their documents are in compliance with the instructions provided, or to comply before the start of the journey. In case of lack of such verification, no responsibility for the failure of one or more travelers to depart can be attributed to the Seller or the Organizer. 13.5 Travelers must, in any case, inform the Seller and the Organizer of their citizenship before requesting a booking and, at the time of departure, they must ensure that they have vaccination certificates, an individual passport and any other document valid for all the countries touched by the itinerary, as well as residence and transit visas and health certificates that may be required. 13.6. Furthermore, in order to evaluate the socio-political and health security situation and any other useful information relating to the countries and places of destination and in their immediate vicinity and, therefore, the objective usability of the services purchased or to be purchased and any substantial impact on the execution of the package, the traveler will have the obligation of obtaining the official information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and disclosed through its institutional website.
The above informations cannot be contained in the organizers' catalogs - online or in paper form - as they are subject to continuous change by official authorities. Traveler is required, based on the principle of diligence, to verify the correctness of his personal documents and of any minors, as well as to obtain valid documents for expatriation according to the rules of his own State and the conventions that regulate the matter. Traveler must complete the relevant formalities also considering that the Seller or the Organizer are not obliged to procure visas or documents. 13.7. Where on the booking date the chosen destination appears, from the institutional information channels, to be a location subject to "warning" for safety reasons, the traveler who subsequently exercises the withdrawal will not be able to invoke, for the purposes of exemption or reduction of the request for compensation for the withdrawal made, the termination of the contractual cause connected to security conditions of the country. 13.8. Travelers must also comply with the rules of normal prudence and diligence and the specific ones in force in the travel destination countries, with all the information provided to them by the Organizer, as well as with the regulations, administrative or legislative provisions relating to the tourist package. Tourists will be held liable for all damages that the Organizer and/or the Seller may suffer also due to failure to comply with the obligations indicated above, including the costs necessary for their repatriation. Furthermore, the Organizer may require the traveler to pay a reasonable cost for the assistance provided to him, if the problem is caused intentionally by the traveler or through his fault, within the limits of the expenses incurred. 13.9. Traveler is required to provide the Organizer or the Seller with all documents, information and elements in his possession useful for exercising the right of recourse against the subjects who have caused or contributed to the occurrence of the circumstances or event from which the compensation, price reduction, compensation or other obligations in question are derived as well as of the subjects required to provide assistance and accommodation services pursuant to other provisions, in the event that the traveler cannot return to the place of departure , as well as for the exercise of the right of subrogation towards third parties responsible for the damage and is responsible towards the Organizer for the damage caused to the right of subrogation. 13.10. Traveler must always promptly communicate to the Organizer, also through the Seller, any lack of conformity found during the execution of the package, as indicated in the following article 15.

The official classification of hotels is provided in the catalog or in other information material only on the basis of the express and formal indications of the competent authorities of the country in which the service is provided. In the absence of official classifications recognized by the competent Public Authorities of the EU member countries to which the service refers, or in the case of hotels marketed as "Tourist Village", the Organizer reserves the right to provide its own description of the accommodation facility, such as to allow an evaluation and consequent acceptance of the same by the traveller.

15.1. Pursuant to art. 42 of Tourism Code, the Organizer is responsible for the execution of all tourist services provided for in the tourist package contract, regardless of whether such tourist services are provided by the Organizer itself, by its auxiliaries or representatives when they act in the exercise of their functions, by third parties whose work it uses or by other suppliers of tourist services, pursuant to article 1228 of the Civil Code. 15.2. Traveller, pursuant to articles 1175 and 1375 of the Civil Code, informs the Organiser, promptly and during the execution of the travel package, of any defects of conformity detected. 15.3. If one of the tourist services is not performed as agreed in the tourist package contract, the Organizer will remedy the lack of conformity, unless this is impossible or excessively burdensome, taking into account the extent of the lack of conformity and the value of the tourist services affected by the defect. If the Organizer does not remedy the defect, point 16 applies. 15.4. Without prejudice to the exceptions referred to in the previous paragraph, if the Organizer does not remedy the lack of conformity within a reasonable period set by the traveler in relation to the duration and characteristics of the package, with the notification made promptly pursuant to point 13.2, the the traveler can personally remedy the defect and request reimbursement of the necessary expenses, provided they are reasonable and documented. 15.5. If a lack of conformity, pursuant to art. 1455 of the Civil Code, constitutes a non-compliance of no small importance of the tourist services included in a package and the Organizer has not placed it remedy within a reasonable period established by the traveler in relation to the duration and characteristics of the package, with the dispute made pursuant to point 15.2, the traveler can, without charge, terminate the tourist package contract by right and with immediate effect or, if where applicable, request, pursuant to point 16 below, a price reduction, without prejudice to any compensation for damages. In the event of termination of the contract, if the package included the transport of passengers, the Organizer will also arrange for the return of the traveler without unjustified delay and without additional costs for the traveller. 15.6. Where it is impossible to ensure the return of the traveller, the Organizer bears the costs of the necessary accommodation, where possible of an equivalent category to what was provided for in the contract, for a period not exceeding 3 nights per traveler or for the longest period possibly foreseen by the European Union legislation relating to passenger rights, applicable to the relevant means of transport. 15.7. The cost limitation referred to in the previous paragraph 15.6 does not apply to people with reduced mobility, defined by the art. 2, par. 1, letter. a), of Reg. (EC) n. 1107/2006, and their companions, pregnant women, unaccompanied minors and people in need of specific medical assistance, provided that the Organizer has received communication of their particular needs at least 48 hours before the start of the package.

16.1. Traveler is entitled to an adequate price reduction for the period during which there was a lack of conformity, unless the Organizer proves that this defect is attributable to the traveler. 16.2. Traveler has the right to receive adequate compensation from the Organizer for any damage he may have suffered as a result of a lack of conformity. 16.3. Traveler is not entitled to compensation for damages if the Organizer demonstrates that the lack of conformity is attributable to the traveler or to a third party unrelated to the provision of the tourist services included in the tourist package contract and is unforeseeable or inevitable or is due to unavoidable and extraordinary. 16.4. The limitations provided for by the international conventions in force that bind Italy or the EU, relating to the extent of compensation or the conditions under which it is due by a supplier who provides a tourist service included in a package, apply to the Organizer. 16.5. This contract expressly provides for the limitation of the compensation due by the Organizer, except for personal injury or damage caused intentionally or through negligence, to the extent of no less than triple the total price of the package. 16.6. Compensation or price reduction granted under the Tourism Code and compensation or price reduction granted under other applicable community regulations and international conventions must be deducted from each other.

17.1 The Organizer provides adequate assistance without delay to the traveler who finds himself in difficulty even in the circumstances referred to in point 15.7, in particular by providing the appropriate information regarding health services, local authorities and consular assistance and assisting the traveler in carrying out remote communications and helping him to find alternative tourist services. 17.2 Traveler can address messages, requests or complaints relating to the execution of the package directly to the Seller through whom he purchased it, who, in turn, promptly forwards such messages, requests or complaints to the Organiser.

The Seller is responsible exclusively for the execution of the mandate conferred on him by the traveler with the travel intermediation contract, regardless of whether the service is rendered by the Seller himself, by his auxiliaries or representatives when acting in the exercise of their functions or by third parties whose work he uses.

Unless expressly indicated as included in the price, it is possible and advisable to take out special insurance policies at the time of booking to cover withdrawal costs (always due, except for the specific exceptions provided for by the Tourism Code) referred to in point 10. The rights arising from the insurance contracts must be exercised by the traveler directly against the contracting insurance companies, under the conditions and in the manner provided for in the policies themselves, paying attention, in particular, to the timing for opening the claim, the deductibles, limitations and exclusions. The insurance contract in place between the traveler and the insurance company has the force of law between the parties and exerts its effects between the traveler and the insurance company pursuant to art. 1905 of Civil Code. Travellers, at the time of booking, must communicate to the Seller any specific needs or problems for which it may be necessary and/or appropriate to issue policies other than those proposed by the Organizer or included in the package price.

The Organizer will provide the traveler with information regarding any existing complaints handling procedures and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms (ADR - Alternative Dispute Resolution), pursuant to Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206 and, if present, to the ADR body by which the professional is regulated and to the online dispute resolution platform pursuant to Regulation (EU) no. 524/2013.

21.1. The Organizer and the Seller established in Italy are covered by a civil liability insurance contract in favor of the traveler for compensation for damages resulting from the violation of the respective obligations assumed with the respective contracts. 21.2. The tourist package organization contracts are supported by insurance policies or bank guarantees which, in cases of insolvency or bankruptcy of the The Organizer or the Seller, guarantee the reimbursement of the price paid for the purchase of the package and the immediate return of the traveler in the event that the package includes the transport of the traveler, as well as, if necessary, the payment of food and accommodation before returning. As an alternative to reimbursement of the price or immediate return, the traveler may be offered the continuation of the package in the manner referred to in articles 40 and 42 of the Tourism Code.

22.1 Contracts having as their object the offer of only the transport service, only the accommodation service, or any other separate tourist service, cannot be configured as a contractual case of travel organization or tourist package, and do not enjoy the protections provided by the Tourism Code: in these cases the contractual conditions of the individual supplier will apply.The responsibility for the correct fulfillment of the contract lies with the service provider. 22.2. In the case of booking-linked tourist services, the traveler has a protection aimed at reimbursing payments received for services not provided due to the insolvency of the professional who collected the sums paid by the traveller. This protection does not provide for any refund in the event of insolvency of the relevant service provider.

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