There is certainly no need to explain why a trip to Egypt is an experience that leaves a deep mark in the heart and memory. Tombs buried in the sand, austere pyramids and pharaonic temples. The green serpent of the Nile advancing in the desert, a miracle of nature. Explosion of colors in the depths of the Red Sea. With everything in between.
Luxor, ancient Thebes and the Valley of the Kings, the most famous Egyptian necropolis, over thirty tombs including that of Tutankhamun. Alexandria, where the wise men kept the knowledge of the world. The Suez Canal, watershed between Africa and Asia in the Middle East. Sinai, a land disputed by Western monotheistic religions, a peninsula with a wild and lunar appearance. Cairo, immense capital, alleys and four-lane highways; thatched roofs a stone's throw from skyscrapers, old bazaars and cafes next to modern clubs and shopping centres. On your tour of Egypt you will see a past that coexists with current events, in the streets and in the eyes of people.
And what a past! That of a civilization that in three thousand years of history has traveled and preceded the greatness and weaknesses of the human race. From writing to mathematics, from geography to engineering, from astronomy to agriculture: during a holiday in Egypt you come across the best preserved and studied signs of human history.
If you try to make a list of things to see in Egypt, it would be endless. Aswan and Abu Simbel, guarded by the four colossi at the entrance, image of their builder Ramesses II. Saqqara and its sarcophagi, Karnak and the temple of Amun, dating back to 1600 BC. Esna and Edfu, unmissable stops on a Nile cruise. Oasis of Siwa and that of al-Fayum, the first gateway to the Libyan desert, the second garden of the Pharaohs.

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